Israel Attacks Syria

Israel’s unprovoked attack on the Mezzah military airport, southeast of Damascus was an act of war against Syria and other surrounding Muslim countries, something you wont see on CNN, CBS, Fox, MSNBC or Infowars,

Whatever Israel does is ok with the jews who control the united states, if Israel attacks America will our military be forced to side with Israel and kill everyone here? something you have to wonder about

Freedom of Facecrap

Remember back about 5 years ago when websites had so much facebook crap all over everything people could not read the articles or view the stuff they were trying to sell, some even forced the visitors to login or join facebook before they could access their website,

Today we look back at some of these sites and see how their facebook master helped them achieve great success, one of them was who went from number 5 in America to a global rank of 2600 and US rank of 1408 according to the top ranking website,  another total facebook slave site went from a US rank of 75 to 298 so what is the purpose of facebook besides tracking  your visitors and pulling your website down to nothing status, letting everyone know you spend all your time and money promoting your master because you never wanted to be up there in the top 25 independent websites

Driver Ticketed for Warming up Car

Roseville cop gives man in house a ticket for warming up his vehicle in his own driveway, Roseville, MI is a suburb of abandon Detroit, now over run by stray dogs, it’s no secret all the suburbs are hurting so this is how they generate money

MTV Hating & Killing Everyone

Racist human hating MTV is totally out of control brainwashing the American youth, they wont be happy until every single white person in the united states is killed except for white jews who wont be in America during all these killing events,

don’t ever think they’re gonna live in America with nothing but black people, they will slaughter the black race and keep some for slaves after they get done with their white killing assignment.

Goodbye Inferior Websites

Looks like all of the websites owned by inferior races and religions will soon be destroyed

Thanks Kerry

That was a great speech, it’s about time someone spoke out against Israel and the complete Jewish takeover of the united states. i knew when Netanyahu flew into the U.S. and talked to congress without consulting the president first like he owned and controlled America he would pay for that before Obama left office, but in all actuality it’s true to life, Israel does control the United States and all Presidents must obey

Thanks Alex Jones

We didn’t know you are so pro israel it’s unbelievable, looks like you just want the giant mega jews out of power, it cant be google because you’d be out of business without YouTube, maybe it’s your facebook master who you worship and pray to 5 times a day, so whats the deal, is this some kind of jews against other jews paying infowars to middle the situation, do you want israel to come over and smash your house down

Thanks Infowars

Thank you Alex Jones for exposing all the people who control the world, the only part you left out is they’re all Jewish and connected to Israel, did you think people wouldn’t notice that when you talk about the Bilderberg Group, Facebook, World Bankers and other billionaire controllers, you have no problem hating the Pope, Catholics, Muslims and Obama,

were not going to change our religion to Judaism and were not going to be slaves to Israel, you forgot to put a cross on top of your Christmas tree to show the world your true Christianity but we understand it’s against U S Israeli law,

you told everyone a few years ago you were Jewish and now you’re Christian please make up your mind,

Drexel University calls out for White Genocide

This is what our Jewish controlled Colleges and Universities teach students in the United States, to hate and kill white Christians, George Ciccariello-Maher, a professor of politics and global studies says, “all I want for Christmas is White Genocide,” welcome to America, all the white students attending Drexel will commit suicide just for you and Jews still wonder how Trump won the election.

Israel Against the World

Israel says they will do more settlements than originally planned, Pakistan threatens nuke, Iran ready for ground war, Taiwan celebrating with Nazi parades, Obama says no to Israel, our Jewish owned news is having a shit fit, world war 3 is on it’s way

Future Problems in America

I don’t know any Trump supporters who support Israel, and most of the Clinton voters i talked to do not support Israel either, we voted for a change, but will it come, the only ones who support Israel is our Jewish controlled mainstream media who try to force us to support Israel,

but it looks like were going to get killed anyway because of our race, religion or the color of our skin, will Trump be able to stop this attack on Americans or will everything remain the same.

Santa Claus comes to Israel

Palestinians dressed up as Santa Claus try to enter Israel to protest the destruction of Palestine, Israel is tearing down homes in the west bank like there’s no tomorrow, forcing Muslims to live on the streets and die, something you wont see on CNN or the rest of our Jewish owned news stations who want to kill Christians in America