Alternative News Sites are Growing Fast

People are sick of listening to man-hating bull dykes and racist lunatics on the mainstream news media telling everyone how to run their lives,

Alternative news sites are growing at an alarming rate, as you already know all of the TV stations and news media outlets are owned and controlled by one group of individuals, this wouldn’t be a totally bad thing if they didn’t want to kill off inferior races and religions in America,

People are searching the web for real news, only to find out the Jewish owned search engines show the Jewish mainstream media controlled news first, you might find one or two alternative sites on the 25th page if you’re lucky,

Obviously people are ignoring the results, asking friends and sharing the real news sites with each other, how will our supreme controllers stop this? block certain text messages sent to iPhone’s and emails, ask congress to take down the sites of their choice, block all the alternative news sites with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and other browsers or just change the law and make it illegal to visit a non-jewish owned website?

Our Jewish masters are not going to give up control of the web and the united states anytime soon, they will figure out a way to censor millions of websites and posts without losing billions of dollars in the process even if they have to make it illegal for people to talk to each other without letting Jewish controllers know what they’re talking about.

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