DealDash Looking for More Suckers

An item worth $30 sells for $3 on DealDash, a one penny bid costs 60 cents DealDash made $180 on the so-called $3 final sale because nothing is returned to the losing bidders, is one of the biggest scams on the internet, millions of people spent hundreds of dollars and ended up with nothing, DealDash makes more than 3 to 4 times what the item is worth stealing 60 cent bids from multiple suckers,

A 40 in TV sold for $12, do the math $60 per one dollar of penny bids DealDash made $720 on the deal, the same TV sells in stores for about $250 to $300,

A 100 bid pack sells at auction for $4.48 DealDash made $268 plus the $4.48 final sale robbing bids from it’s members and giving absolutely nothing back, once you bid if you don’t win the auction the money is lost,

DealDash says bids are now 14 cents each but the buy it now price of a 100 bid pack still costs $60 i guess the 14 cent bids are for new suckers only,

The site is a total scam making people think one penny bids cost one penny and the $300 item actually sold for $10

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