Forced to use Chrome

Unable to watch videos on most of the news sites, Twitter and other popular sites, cant login into WordPress anymore using Firefox, i am forced to use google chrome isn’t that just beautiful,

Firefox says, “We must stay small and obey our google master, we are not allowed to have a built in flash player, please share Firefox on facebook even though nobody is going to use it once they find out all the popular sites are blocking our users from watching videos and forcing everyone to use Chrome”,

“We started out giving people a choice in a free open web but times have changed, google will now control the entire internet and that’s final”,

“We did something right to get over a 100 million users but now were growing a little to fast so we must be destroyed, google is tired of buying out websites and browsers and doing nothing with them, it’s easier and cheaper to just block everything that takes traffic away from google”.

“We will still worship and share with our facebook master after our browser is totally destroyed, we will also visit Infowars once in a while to see whats going on in Israel and buy some magic potions, we thank all of our users and hope everyone enjoys using google chrome”.

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