Killing White Men in Fresno is a Hate Crime

Why is the racist fake mainstream news media calling this a hate crime? after years of protecting psycho killer blacks who love to murder non-jewish white people in America and continually start race wars in every city,

Now all of a sudden they’re going to tell the truth about a story, there could only be a few logical reasons, the news media lost most of their viewers and shooting whites from a distance could result in the death of a white jew,

Although there are not to many white jews who pick up food from a Catholic charities it could of turned out differently because psycho killers shooting white people from a distance dont bother to ask the people what their religion is before they shoot them,

Since Catholic charities is involved you probably wont see this Fresno killing of white people on Alex Jones because he hates Catholics so much and wants them all destroyed for the greatness of his supreme jewish controllers who pay him millions to destroy the Catholic church and world controlling billionaire jews who do not obey Israel.

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