Man Killed Charging iPhone in Bathtub

News reports stated the 32 yr old man plugged the charger into an extension cord from the hallway then rested the iPhone on his chest,

When the iPhone touched the water it electrocuted him, He suffered severe burns to the chest, arm and hands, i believe the iPhone itself exploded when it came in contact with the water causing a low voltage shock-wave directly to his heart,

The tiny 30 gauge wires from the charger to the iPhone would immediately burn up and break apart trying to carry 120 volts to the bathtub water and the coils inside the transformer would also burn up making it totally impossible to transfer more than 5 volts 2 amps max to the water,

Taking a shower or a bath with an iPhone because someone doesn’t want to miss a call or wants to continue posting Facebook garbage is not one of the smartest things to do in the world.

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