NFL Player Boycotts Israel

Black NFL player says he will not be used by Israel or white jews to promote the killing of Palestinians and white Christians in America,

He wants to save the lives of his non-jewish white friends and black friends who will soon be killed after most of the whites are killed, jews think black people are stupid but they know exactly whats going on,

The mainstream media says it’s really cool to kill white people but don’t kill Jewish whites because that will be a hate crime, how long will this crap go on for,

I never realized Jews owned and controlled everything in America until i started watching Alex Jones and going to for the last few years, he pointed out some important things we should know about without saying words like Jews and Israel, i thought it was kinda strange but now i know why.

Alex Jones is allowed to destroy certain powerful rich jews who he calls globalists, elites, ect,  but he must support Israel and gain the trust of non-jews so rich web jews can influence his audience or hes taken off the internet a very simple process all non-jews on the web have to abide by.

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