Pure White Jewish Serial Killers of our Time

Pure white Jewish serial killers are worshiped by the Mainstream News Media and other psychos who love to kill people,

White Jewish Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz killed 13 women in NYC because most females were not attracted to his Pillsbury dough boy look, he could not get a real date possibly because he was fighting his homosexuality down deep inside himself, being a member of the supreme Jewish race he felt he was owed something from the society of non-jewish slaves in America, he also felt he had the legal right to kill anyone he wanted to, but back in the 70s it was still illegal for Jews to kill non-jews for no reason,

New laws went into effect around 2014 giving jews and gays extra privileges and rights over common inferior race people in America, David is still admired by many Jewish media outlets and serial killers who love to kill non-jews in America,

The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, a brilliant pure white psychopathic Jewish serial killer out blowing up professors and CEO’s who did not agree with his believes that Jews should control everything in the world, he eluded the police for 17 years, Zionist lunatics around the globe look up to this man for daily spiritual guidance,

John Wayne Gacy, a white gay Jewish psycho killer clown murdering young boys after sex and burying them underneath his house, he is worshiped and prayed to by many supreme white gay Jewish controllers around the world,

Jeffrey Dahmer, white, Jewish and gay, spends his time killing and eating non-jewish black and white boys in Milwaukee WI,  he is rated the number one white Jewish serial killer of all time by the Jewish controlled social justice warrior rating system,

Israel keyes, a white Jewish serial killer fresh from Israel sent to Alaska to kill inferior race women.

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