Stop Forum Spam Destroys Websites

This is the way it works, you searched for a non-jewish article or something else our web masters didn’t like on a website or search engine now your ip address is reported as spam to multiple spam blocker services,

You go to a website you’ve never been to before and stopforumspam says your ip address is reported as spam so you will not be able to read or post anything on this site even though you never posted anything on the site before so how could they determine you are spam?

Obviously something funny is going here people are getting blocked for their searches, religions, not obeying facebook and other junk,

You should decide what is spam and what is not spam rather than letting someone else decide that for you,

Be careful what services you use on your website, what you think is a good idea could secretly block most of your visitors and completely destroy your business and website without you knowing about it.

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